Hi! My husband, Steve, just published his first book and it was released last month by Quarry Books! But with all the goings-on of Summer Art Camp and Wes heading off to college, we decided to celebrate the publication this month instead. 

We’re giving away two copies each day (one from this blog, and one from my facebook page). Leave comments in both places each day for a chance to win a signed copy of “Creative Photography Lab: 52 Fun Exercises for Developing Self Expression with Your Camera.

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Thanks to everyone who has commented! Today I want to give you a quick assignment.


Staring at the Sun

Lens flare is a trendy look in photography these days. You will see it in a lot of advertising and fashion. Images shot this way have a nostalgic and romantic feel to them; like snapshots from the 70’s.

So here are some tips for getting a good lens flare shot:

• Shoot as close to sunset as you can. Midday sun is too bright and could actually be dangerous to your eyes and camera.

• Position your subject so the sun is directly behind them.

• The best location for this are smoggy cities like L.A.

• If you don’t have sunshine, try this with a bright streetlight.

• Use manual or exposure compensation to do a range of exposures from light to dark. Your camera will kind of freak out when you point it straight into a light source, so you have to do exposure by trial and error to see what works.

• If you have a choice of picture styles, use something with high color saturation.

• Use manual focus if you can. (Auto focus can also flip out when pointed at the sun.)

• A longer or more telephoto lens will usually give you better results than a wide angle.

• Post your shots on the flickr site! http://www.flickr.com/groups/2103668@N24

Good luck to everyone that commented!

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Miriam Rogers: “I have a weekend away and now two great projects to take with me, Thanks Steve”