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These blobimals (“blob animals”) were created by the Thursday-Friday Little Bird NYC class last week; camera troubles put the ka-bosh on photos for Saturday-Sunday (sorry!).

I loved what Patricia Gaignat had to say about her blobimal experience at her blog, here.


Thank you, Pat, for the laugh and the beautiful work!

Finally, here is a demo piece I did for the painting class in Colorado the weekend before:


It’s an 8″x10″ mixed-media painting on wood…

My 2013 teaching seems to have come to a close (except the remainder of the giraffe class!), but I’m already looking forward to new online classes in 2014. At this time I’m only scheduled to teach one in-person workshop in 2014 (Colorado, September, details forthcoming).

I wanted to give you all a hint about what’s coming in December… I was able to secure mixed-media artist and teacher Beckah Krahula to teach a two-week class from December 2-14, 2013. This is Beckah’s only online class based on her phenomenally best-selling book, “A Zentangle a Day.” If you have ever wanted to learn how to Zentangle, I think Beckah’s the one to teach you!

If you would like to be the first to know details about Beckah’s forthcoming class, sign up for my newsletter here, or check back at the blog around November 5th.

To get to know Beckah a bit more, read this inspiring interview at The Good Weekly blog.