Class Dates: December 2-15, 2013

I’m so pleased to open registration for this new online class from best-selling author Beckah Krahula!


I often hear from students that they first dared to draw using Zentangle, and that was their “stepping stone” to start taking some of my drawing classes… yay! Following is a little about the class (or click here for all the details).

From Beckah:

I am very excited to announce my only online class based on my book, One Zentangle A Day.  I am a very passionate tangler and have found it to be an invaluable tool that everyone should know. In ten to twenty minutes of tangling, I find myself in a heightened state of focus, where knowledge, intuition, and instinct work as one. Artists have long referred to this state as being in the zone, which before learning to tangle could be a hit or miss event for me.  I am often quoted as saying,

“Tangling keeps me untangled” TM

and it is true.  Creating a meditative tile daily sets me in the zone first thing and I truly attribute it to being one of the reasons I am so productive.


My book One Zentangle a Day teaches the meditative art of ZentangleTM and is a six-week course.  In this online class we will be doing an overview, with six lessons over two weeks. Each class begins with learning some tangles, then uses the 11 steps to complete a meditative art tile.

Now that we are in the zone we will create a ZIA, Zentangled Inspired Art, that will cover new tips, techniques, and inspiration for creating beautiful pieces of art.

I am excited about working with Carla and Steve and looking forward to sharing the  projects with participants in the gallery.

This is going to be a relaxing and fun class for anyone who would like to explore the meditative benefits of drawing (and especially for beginners!). And for more advanced tanglers, I know you won’t want to miss all of the unique ways you can make Zentangle  Inspired Art (ZIA)!

For more information and to sign up for this class, click here!