wes2Blessings to you in the new year! The above photo is of Wes and Steve (son and husband) just before Christmas last week… we live in a beautiful place, don’t we?

wes1Wes was home for three weeks from college but is safely back in Annapolis, MD now. We miss him already!

leaves2It was frosty this morning!

I’ve spent the day in bed due to a cold/flu that is persisting… but I’m loving the extra sleep and the excuse to spend quality time with some of my books!

Things gleaned just the last hour:

“There’s no point in looking before crossing the road if you don’t look in the right direction.” — Hector, in “Hector and the Search for Happiness.”


Flannery O’Connor described herself as “a pidgeon-toed, only-child with a receding chin and a you-leave-me-alone-or-I’ll-bite-you complex.” (From “Flannery” by Brad Gooch.)

and finally,

“You need gas for the body, gas for the mind, and gas for the soul.” — Carl Dixon, Texan Self-Taught Artist featured in “Spirited Journeys.”

* * *

Have a wonderful first full week of 2014!