Hello and happy Tuesday!

I’m working at home today… it’s a “writing/commenting” day and the downtown studio just felt too chaotic for some reason. So I’m quietly home with just the sound of an occasional meow:
I’m afraid I’m falling behind on email answering, in light of all that’s going on this week (my Life Book 2014 lesson went live yesterday and the Year of the Fairy Tale class begins in less than a week!)… if you have written me and I haven’t responded yet, I will! (Or, if it’s time-sensitive, feel free to bug me again.)

I wanted to mention a few things here, quickly:

1. The only in-person teaching venue on my calendar this year is the new “Art Makers Denver,” September 14-16, 2014. I have had pass on most teaching invitations this year, but I just couldn’t say “no” to Helen Rice, the wonderful organizer of this first-year event. As an owner of two stores/galleries in the Denver area, she’s a real pro and a very nice person to boot.

I will be teaching three classes: “Gelli Plate Printmaking,” “Gelli Plate Printmaking ‘Plus’,” and “Blobimal Artist Books.” All of these classes are (or will be) available as online classes, but there’s nothing like a live workshop, so if you find yourself in Denver in September, please join me!

There are also some great classes by many other wonderful instructors. Click the image below to go to the website!


2. I wanted to thank Teresa Capaldo for featuring me on her blog this week: Thanks, Teresa!

3. And I wanted to let you know that I added buttons for two different payment plan options for “Year of the Fairy Tale.” I know that cash-flow situations can be difficult, and want to be sure that there is an easier way to join this class if it interests you!

Click here for the new Fairy Tale FAQs page, and scroll to the bottom for two different payment options.

First Lesson, up next week: Character Development!



Have a wonderful week!