Abstract I


Abstract II 

A few days without making something made me grouchy, so I took a little time this afternoon to try another of Karine’s exercises; abstract watercolors. It was super difficult for me, but wonderful to be challenged in this way.

Out of 16 little studies, these are the only two I liked.

I learned a few things about myself:

1. I don’t like my brushstrokes to “show.”
2. I prefer organic shapes to geometric.
3. I need to paint more. Every day. All the time.
4. I suck. 😉

Regarding #4, don’t worry! I don’t REALLY think I suck, and yet I really DO think I suck. Get it? 😀

It’s just that human thing.

In other news… we’re living in Downtown Seattle now!


Taken on my walk this morning; sculpture across from the Seattle Aquarium.