Our cat Natalie, on her first night at the new apartment.

I love to draw! To me, drawing is really fun! But that doesn’t always mean it’s always easy or smooth… in fact, it’s the challenge to create a drawing that is both simple and detailed enough to communicate an emotion that drives me to keep drawing!

I am re-running my 21-day “DRAW!” online class beginning April 14, 2014.

I really love this class. We begin with wrong-handed drawings and end up drawing from the human figure! If you have ever said to yourself, “I can’t draw,” I think you will find during this class that this is simply not true! 😉
21 Days • 21 Demonstration Videos • 21 Assignments

Next “live” session begins April 14, 2014.

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Whether you draw realistically, stylistically, or hardly at all, this 21-day workshop will give you the motivation, direction, and inspiration to get your pencil moving.

Drawing is fundamentally a language of creativity that we speak naturally as children, and often lose touch with as adults. I believe that anyone can benefit from drawing and that simply making marks on paper is in itself freeing and invigorating.

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“Carla helps her students release their inner critic, and what emerges is a whimsy and freedom that makes for truly original artwork. Each of us discover in her classes that we really are artists, and that our visual style is uniquely our own.” — Adrienne

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