I’ve had plenty of them the past few days!

Many of you have experienced problems accessing my online classes. This is due to Typepad being down much of the last four days. I am SO SORRY for this hassle… please email me if you are trying to access a particular lesson or class and I will email you links to the videos and/or PDFs…

I would love to tell you about all the others (woes), but that would place me solidly in the Complaining-About-Trifles Camp, which might make me feel good for one second, but then I would feel worse. 😉

Here are some really GOOD things, though!

1. Tomorrow I am opening registration for a new watercolor class by Seattle artist Fred Lisaius. Just look at one of his wonderful paintings!

Screen shot 2014-04-21 at 4.14.34 PM

“Just Before I Fall Asleep” • Acrylic on board by Fred Lisaius

Steve and I met Fred a few months ago and what a delightful human he is! The above is an acrylic painting, which he will teach later in the year, but his watercolors are just as lovely.

2. Steve and I get to go to China! We are headed over the first two weeks of May to teach at an international school in Beijing. I love to travel and I haven’t been able to get away for awhile, so we are really looking forward to this “work vacation.”

3. Our son Wes got a role in the St. John’s College production of “King Lear,” which will be performed this coming weekend. We are going to Maryland to see Wes play Edgar, the “good” son, because how often does your kid win a lead role in a Shakespeare play?

4. Here are photos of my two grandchildren painting recently! I am so blessed to live close to these cutie pies:


photo 3

I hope you have a wonderful week!

photo 1