Click the image above to upload the PDF to you browser window (it should take about a minute to load). Then, enjoy the 135 illustrations from people all over the world!

The illustrations in this e-’zine were created by participants of the year-long online class, “Year of the Fairy Tale,” which I have been delighted to host so far in 2014.

Hans Christian Anderson’s “The Princess & the Pea” was our third fairy tale, and this optional assignment to submit an illustration for this publication was enthusiastically received. Each participant chose a word to incorporate into the “bed scene” of this modified tale.

I hope you enjoy these varied, unique, funny, and touching illustrations! Please feel free to share this ‘zine wherever you like — your blogs, Pinterest, Facebook, etc. We had a lot of fun putting it together and want to share it! If you would like to contact any of the illustrators, please email me and I’ll pass along your request. Thank you!