I usually like the art I make, but man, I’m in a rut! Everything I touch lately is a mess, and not the beautiful kind. 😉

In the past periods like this are immediately forgotten as breakthroughs occur, and I have a good spell. But, you never know.

That is the beauty and pain of art and life. We never know what is around the corner: you meet the love of your life, a friend is hurt, you stub your toe.

This blog is mostly a place where I can share with you the fun parts of creativity and life. The fact that I talk about “stubbed toes” occasionally keeps it real… but it can be kind of a bummer, too, I guess. I’m sorry about that!


I’m actually in pretty good spirits this morning, but just felt the need to check in and show you this morning’s “mess,” above. Some days are just like that!

Now that I’ve completely cheered you up, I hope you have a wonderful week!