It’s Sunday afternoon and I’m looking forward a week of last-minute preparations for our yearly ONLINE SUMMER ART CAMP, which begins in just over a week!

I so look forward to sharing 18 different creativity & drawing exercises with you! Plus you will get access to 7 more classes for just one reasonable price; payment plans are available. And save $20 with the early bird discount if you sign up by July 28th!

The teachers this year are the wonderful Lynn Whipple, Fred Lisaius, Karine Swenson, Diane Culhane, Steve Sonheim, Niya Christine, Rickie Wolfe and Stephanie Hargrave! We will draw, paint, spray, twirl, twist, glue, rub, write, and click! Join us HERE.

* * *
Our 11-year-old niece is visiting us this weekend from Colorado and asked if we had a wood-burning tool. I didn’t, but I’ve wanted one. So $9.95 later and I have a new art tool to add to the studio! The above flowers created with watercolor, markers, and “burning.”

Have a wonderful rest of your weekend!