Happy Wednesday!

Today I want to show you what Lynn Whipple will be teaching in this year’s Summer Art Camp!

Her 3-day class is called “Surface Design & Paint,” and in it we will be working on a large canvas, throwing acrylic paint on in a zillion ways… with fingers, spray bottles, stencils, stamps and even the occasional brush (though not too much of that!).

Just look at Lynn’s beautiful pieces:

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Lynn’s Artist Statement:

I am deeply grateful to live my life as an artist. Play and discovery are my dearest and most constant companions. There are a zillion tiny challenges in each art making experience, and so often I find, just as many small, sweet victories. Without a doubt, living creatively is the most enjoyable and satisfying game I know.


* * * * * * * *


 is one of eight teachers featured in this year’s “Summer Art Camp,” where she will paint a large surface design painting with you. Camp begins Monday, July 28th and includes THREE weeks of fun classes! Sign up today and save $20!


Lynn’s work-in-progress from the 2014 Online Summer Art Camp Class, “Surface Design & Paint” with Lynn Whipple. 

And, for fun, on set while filming in Winter Park, Florida!