Hi! I wanted to show you that I “practice what I preach.” 😀

On Wednesday I flew home from Colorado, and spent nearly an hour drawing rabbits, cats and horses in the little lined sketchbook I keep in my purse. They were “scribbly one-liners,” which is an exercise in my “Imaginary Animals” book (page 57): Here are some of the rabbit drawings:





I picked one that I liked and enlarged it in Photoshop, and then printed it on nice paper (sometimes I will cut some 140# hot press watercolor paper to size and run it through my Epson printer; this time, I used a piece of Arches Aquarelle Rag paper.



One printed, I painted right on and around the printed rabbit with acrylic paints and, once dry, added line and shading with pencil.


I used to think making a painting this way was “cheating,” but I don’t feel that way anymore. My friend Krista Peel encouraged me that it was my “technique.” And it’s true, even though I’m “tracing,” it IS my drawing!

Have a great weekend everyone!