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The Joy of Mixed-Media Assemblage
Online Class with Lynn Whipple
Class Session: 
October 27 – November 7, 2014
2-Week Class; 6 Lessons Total

Hello and a great big GigAntic welcome to the JOy of Mixed Media Assemblage!!

Working with found objects inside a boX!

What could be more fun than combining all of our favorite things and working within a box format?? Mixed-Media Assemblage allows us to explore collage, drawing, altering photos, painting, altered found objects, storytelling, composition and more!

I would be thrilled to share with yOu all the techniques, tricks and tips that I have learned working in assemblage. It is so much fun… from finding the perfect box to laying down and collaging a background to altering photos and found objects, to attaching and gluing and to special little ways I have developed to make your work finished, framed and ready to hang on the wall.

This class is all about yOU, and using your voice to make things that make your heart sing! You will play the “pieces-parts” game, which is fantastic way of seeing how many fresh combinations that you can come up with. If you have a fabulous stash of found objects and old photos, this is the perfect project, if you need more, its a great excuse to go “on the hunt!” We will work with “found” boxes and/or cradled wood panels.

Please join us for an artistic, mixed-media romp chock full of encouragement, learning, sharing, play, imagination, exploration and most of all fun!

xoxo Lynn

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