Good afternoon!

When I used to work at a magazine publishing company, each Monday we had a meeting at 10am called the “Monday Morning Update.” It’s past 10am, but here are a few “updates.”

1. I have some things on my to-do list that I’m not wanting to do, so I’m writing this blog post instead. Is that wrong? 

2. The above in-process piece is sitting on my studio desk. Nothing is glued in, I’m still moving stuff around. But heavily inspired by filming Lynn Whipple’s new class!

3. We are heading into our last Fairy Tale of the year… it’s been a really great year  and I just got an email from one of my students saying it has been a wonderful class “except for the horrible tale of 12 brothers!!!” HAHAHA (It didn’t seem that horrible when I picked it, but I did kind of have a dark summer, so…) Anyway, thanks for making me laugh, Judith!

4. When our son Wes was about 4 years old, he asked:

“Why do people have so many junk?”

In a journal I found recently, I attempted to answer his question:

“I can’t really speak for the other people, I can only speak for myself, and my particular kind of junk which mainly consists of art supplies, books, photographs, my kids’ drawings, letters from my husband, metal flower pins, fabric, ribbon, two large Creative Memory scrapbooks I bought at a yard sale for the paper bur am too intimidated to touch, more books, yearbooks, a trophy or two, a bicycle (unused, largely), a helmet (spiders live there), two boxes of cut wood boards due to a mistake on the part of the hardware store but which I keep thinking I will use, rocks, metal bits and pieces, jewelry (rarely worn), art (drawers and drawers), a few pieces of furniture, and numerous boxes of C.R.A.P. (Carla’s Really Awesome Personal C.R.A.P)

I’m not the only packrat in my family. My sister is can really hold on to stuff, but she’s very organized about it all, so it’s okay.

My dad saved EVERYTHING, including phone books from the last 30 years of his life! After he died my stepmom sent me a box full of Super 8 movies. Incredibly we owned a Super 8 movie projector (C.R.A.P.!) and settled down one night to see what my dad saw. 

There was wedding-to-my-mother footage and birthday-party footage, but the movie that had us all laughing hysterically was a fashion show in the early 1960s, held at a hotel by the outdoor pool and included models with poodles in matching outfits. I’m serious.

Then, after much serious prancing, pomp and silliness by models and dogs alike, the movie culminated with a middle-aged man in a ridiculous-looking bathing suit getting pushed into the pool and the miniature poodle he had been holding popping up like a cork.”

5. I didn’t really finish the above essay/answer, but made myself laugh this morning while re-reading and wanted to share it.

6. Have a wonderful day and week!