Assignment #10 from “Drawing Lab: A Fun and Silly Art Kit

This lab is one of those that can take a few days or weeks to complete, but the idea is that you create 100 faces in as many different ways as possible.

Now, faces can be scary! (I’ve drawn a lot of faces, and they still scare me!) So the best thing I know of to help get you over the scary hump is to just give myself an assignment and do it.

You can draw faces from life, from photos, and from imagination. You can draw them fast, slow, scribbly, neat, with- or without shading, and using one line only.

The above two faces are a modified one-liner using the chisel point pen from the kit and adding water with a brush for the shading… isn’t it cool?

* * *

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The winner is Anne Liddel, #96!

Screen Shot 2014-11-23 at 8.10.17 PM

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