Assignment #2 from “Drawing Lab: A Fun and Silly Art Kit

Hi today!

Today’s Lab is blind contour drawings. Blind contours is a classic drawing exercise which has you VERY SLOWLY drawing the contour edges of your subject, drawing every curve and bump along the way. But! You can’t look at your paper while drawing (at all). You need to look at your subject (in my case, a bird paper mache sculpture from my studio) 100% of the time, and your paper 0% of the time.

And did I mention this needs to be done slowly? Like, in slow motion.

This exercise trains you to observe carefully, to get your eyes and hands working together, and are not meant to be “good.” These are truly practice drawings!

That said, sometimes it’s fun to “take it further” with your eyes open and see what you can do. Here is the above bird after I took some water to the marker (I used one of the pens from the kit, and it dissolves beautifully!):


* * *

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