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Drawing Lab: A Fun and Silly Art Kit


Thank you so much everyone for all of your wonderful comments all through this Giveaway celebration!

The above painting is reprinted on the inside of the kit box (click to enlarge). 😀

I started out teaching art to kids (in my sons’ elementary school classrooms), and found that the more fun I made the assignments, the happier everyone was! When I started teaching adults some years later, I kept the fun part in.

If you think you need this kit to start drawing, please don’t! Just pick up a pencil or a pen and start. Be gentle with yourself if your inner critic kicks in, and embrace the imperfections, errant lines and “mistakes!” Make it fun for yourself!

Leave a comment for a last chance to win a “Drawing Lab: A Fun and Silly Art Kit.” I’ll pick the winner at 6pm, Wednesday, 11/26.

Today’s winner was #33, Merrie Jo!

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Thanks again, everyone!



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Tuesday 11/25 – Last Giveaway Day! Winner picked! (Merrie Jo)

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So leave a comment above (click the # comments link on the top right) for your chance to win a copy of the new “Drawing Lab Kit!” International entries welcome. 😀