sparklogo9 Hello, hello, hello! Registration is now open for the next year-long online class…

2015: Year of the SPARK!

… which I am excited to be co-teaching with the wonderful Lynn Whipple!

This class is about ART, and how we can infuse MORE of it into our lives…. More art, more creativity, more time, more inspiration, more motivation, and more FUN!


Lynn and I share a love of making art, moving our hands, and keeping things FUN. We believe that the more fun you have, the more open your mind is to creative solutions, which produces more authentic and imaginative art! We want to share what we know about being an artist, making art, living a creative life, and the business of art.  Two times a month (one each from Lynn and Carla) you will receive a video lesson + pdf which will include a short spark-your-art exercise (how do we make the time for creativity? How do we start?), as well as a longer, technique-based mixed-media project. In addition, Each month Lynn and I will take turns addressing some “business of art” topics, including applying to shows, galleries, publishing, teaching, and online selling.  funisgood2flat This year includes: • 24 VIDEO LESSONS (12 from Lynn, 12 from Carla) • 24 Spark-Your-Art CREATIVITY EXERCISES • 24 Mixed-Media PROJECTS/TECHNIQUES (throughout the year we’ll work with drawing, painting, watercolors, acrylics, fabric, wire, charcoal, pencil, collage, glue….) • 24 accompanying PDFs with step-outs, written instructions, references, links, etc. • Instructor FEEDBACK on uploaded or emailed work • Private BLOG and closed FACEBOOK groups. • Monthly BUSINESS DISCUSSIONS with insights on making art for a living 

If you sign up by December 31, 2014, you will receive a set of two signed prints from Lynn and me, with artwork created especially for “2015: Year of the Spark!” Prints will ship in late January.

Sign up today!

For more information:

2015: Year of the SPARK!! from Silly U on Vimeo.