I have a coffee pot that leaks all over the counter if I pour too fast.

I know this, and I always begin by pouring slowly, but then I get impatient and speed up, and coffee drips all over the counter.

I’ve been thinking about these coffee “blobs” and have come up with three things these blobs and creativity have in common:

1. Blobs and Creativity are Both Messy (And Messes are Fun).coffeeblob1

It’s fun to see what will happen when you pull out the scissors and yarn, the paint and canvas, the charcoal and paper. And, apparently, it’s fun to let the coffee drip all over the counter. There’s a thrill when the coffee begins dripping (or when the first mark or stitch is made).

What’s going to happen? Will it be something cool this time? The anticipation of what a mess might turn into is satisfying. Messes are unpredictable, and that’s fun.

3. Blobs and Creativity Both “Waste” Time. coffeeblob2

Arguably it’s a colossal waste of time to make messes like the ones here, take the time to photograph them, and then clean everything up. Why not just learn to pour properly?

And I know some people feel taking the time to paint a picture or work in a sketchbook or play the guitar can be better spent doing something useful, such as laundry, vacuuming, or making money.

Whatever. It’s more fun to draw, paint, sew and drip caffeine all over the counter!

Making stuff makes us happier people somehow.

Waste time! It’s good for the soul.

3. Blobs and Creativity Can Both Spin Out of Control.coffeeblob3

I love the coffee stains in the photo above, but the spaghetti sauce from the night before is just gross. Time to clean up!

Blobs and creativity both require some clean-up, both physically and metaphorically.

For example, at the moment I have fabric on every surface of the living room (couch, chairs, carpet). But it needs to be picked up at some point, or it will drive both me and my husband crazy.

Similarly, sometimes an idea or a project or a painting just gets too big, TOO messy, and needs to be tidied up a bit. Reigned in. Simplified. Edited.

We make a mess, we clean it up; that’s what humans do!

* * *

I’m sure if I thought harder I could come up with more parallels, but that will need to be it for now, because I’m off to Ikea to buy sheets.

Have a wonderful night!