The past month I’ve been preparing for the “Year of the Spark” class to begin (both mental and physical preparations). I’ve been giving more thought to why creativity matters… WHY taking the time to draw rabbits and birds…


… or arrange pom pons around your 4-month-old daughter (as my DIL Christi did yesterday)…


… or crochet yarn together…


… is a valid use of time?

The common denominator for me is that doing these things are just FUN to do. Being creative — making something — can make us smile, make us happy — both in the doing and the outcome.

These little creative moments… we all do it constantly every day and sometimes don’t even know it! … make our days more fun!

Jennifer Falkowsi, one of the SPARK! students, wrote: “Being Happy IS Productive.”

Yes, it is!

My wish for you today is to HAVE FUN in the little things throughout your days — today and all year long — so you can have the most productive (happy) year ever!

And if you’re not at a place to have fun today (mentally or physically), my wish for you is to BE GENTLE with yourself in all that you do or don’t do. It’s okay!

Happy New Year, everyone!