Not so long ago (yesterday) I had to film my first lesson for the Spark! class.

Secret: I don’t really like filming!

Those of you who took Imaginary Creatures, my first “filmed” online class ever, might remember how nervous and self-conscious I was.

It’s 3+ years later and, while I look more natural on camera now, the day and a half preceding the filming is a nightmare for both Steve and me. Basically, I freak out for 36 hours… I pace, jump up and down from my computer, can’t sleep at night, sleep all afternoon, wring my hands, and basically feel very uncomfortable in my skin.

The relief I feel after I finish filming is palpable!

I’m not sure why I’m telling you all this except that I want you to know that sometimes things that look natural and easy, really aren’t that much! 😀 Or, it takes some uncomfortableness on the journey to get to the “easy” end-product.

I hope you are having a wonderful day!