How are you doing today?

I’m in one of those states of discombobulation that often comes after a trip. (I still owe you Day #3 of the SCBWI conference, I know!)

All is chaos. In my rush to get out the door nearly two weeks ago, I left everything in shambles… and it’s still that way. And then, there’s the work back-log, and trying to decide where to start. Should I do the dishes, put away the art, answer emails? How about a blog post. I guess that won. 😀

I have been noticing the past few days that I have felt down or overwhelmed or sad, and I KNOW it’s because I’m just tired (this comes in middle age… ah, this again!). However, it doesn’t make the feeling pleasant!

I’ve been doing little things to try to help, though.

The first was to spend time with my grandchildren yesterday… each and every one (Liam, 3; Ethan, almost 2; Ellie, 5 months) are so beautiful and wonderful and sweet. I gave Ethan a bath and we read books and ate lots of dried fruit; I picked Liam up from preschool, and when he asked to go to Grandma’s House we made a date to do that Thursday afternoon, just him. And Ellie? Giggles when I move her arms a certain way!

Next Steve and I were starting to have a difficult conversation about business-y things and I said it probably wasn’t the best time to talk about it (me being so tired, etc. — again, middle age wisdom at work, folks!) and went and took a 3-hour nap. I woke up less tired. 😉

Finally, this morning I took some time to write in my journal, which always feels like a dumb thing to do when I have so much “real” stuff to do, but in the end calmed me down enough to actually be able to make a start on something; in this case, a blog post about feeling weird in your skin.


I hope I have cheered you up.


And I hope you are having a better day. Thank you for reading, and if you are feeling like me the past few days, I suggest baby steps. It seems to be working as I’ve now finished ONE thing on my list.

Time to pick up pillows off the floor now!