Doings of a Doodle
with Diane Culhane
2-Week Class; 6 Lessons

Class Dates: April 21 – May 2, 2015

* * *

Doodle your way into a big painting!

Doodling is really just mark making… marks that happen when you are otherwise occupied.

These marks that flow from you naturally while you are doodling can be an expression of your style, like your handwriting. In this class we will look at our doodles as resources; treasures from which we can create full-sized paintings.

Even if you don’t consider yourself a doodler, the exercises and techniques in this class will give you a fun way to tap into your personal style.

We will:

– Dig for treasure/doodle
– Observe & Arrange & Study
– Make folded books for doodle-ready surfaces
– Copy your images with hand/eye coordination
– Scan & enlarge your doodles
– Add color combinations with colored pencil & acrylic paint
– Create compositional grid paintings, and
– Create a Large Do-o-dle Painting!!

I hope you will join me!

Buckets of Joy,

Diane Culhane




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