aBlog 3.28.15 from Silly U on Vimeo.

The past few nights I’ve been in search of the perfect* drawing.

(But first, I need to say that when I say “perfect,” I mean imperfectly perfect to ME… just a drawing that I love.)

I’ve drawn a lot of girls and horses, and a few cats, dogs, bunnies, and houses. (Steve made a slideshow, above.)

I’m using a combination of Tombow markers, ballpoint pens, pencils, and any other markers I have lying around. (And the looser style is heavily influenced by watching the wonderful Lynn Whipple draw recently… thanks Lynn!).

None of them are “perfect.”

But I do LIKE a lot of them!

Sometimes I think my art-making journey is as much a competitiveness with myself as anything else! When drawing, I can feel anxious to turn the page and begin the new drawing, because perhaps this time it will be “the one.” I’m almost tense the whole time….

But it feels good afterwords… always!

The drawings are not perfect but that’s okay, because a set of imperfect drawings is, in itself, a perfect reflection of life. Don’t you think?