Join me for 100 days of _______ ?


Hi Everyone!

Surfing the internet can sometimes waste oodles of time, but it also can bring just the inspiration needed!

Last week I was reading a post on a friend’s Facebook page, and followed THIS link… which led me to The 100 Day Project by Vanessa Oliver-Lloyd:

Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 8.38.05 PM

This project encourages artists (or anyone) to choose an activity to do every day for 100 days and then document it and share it on Instagram with the #The100DayProject hashtag.

Instagram challenges are great because they keep everyone accountable. The rule of posting once a day is just flexible enough to remember to do it, and structured enough to make it a habit. Hopefully!


Participants can choose their own subject; I chose cats because they have recently been littering my sketchbook in a big way. Plus, they power the internet, don’t they?

The 100 days has begun, and I’ve committed. Join me? You can choose any topic or medium you’ve ever wanted to explore. And please, comment and tell me whatever you decide! Or even if you can’t decide.

Cats have made their mark on my Instagram so far, check them out: