I hope you are well today!

Life is busy here. We have been talking with several new artists who might teach for us this year, and also keeping up with the current class schedule (three new classes coming up!)… in addition, we also have a new website in the works, which will allow students just log in to our website with their own password and access all of their classes at once.

This new website has been in process for over a year! But Steve and I were talking about it last night and agreed that we were glad it has taken this long, as we are much better able now — a year later — to make good decisions about what features will most benefit our customers.

The same might be said about “life!”

Steve and I both had birthdays last week, and are now both in our 50s. (Steve turned 50, I’m 52.) We are finding that we are much better able to make good decisions about our lives and business, as we “know” ourselves better than even a few years ago.

A question for those of you past 50: Have you found this to be true for you, too?

Have a wonderful week!

P.S. Above is a drawing made to music a la one of Lynn Whipple’s assignments in the Year of the Spark class, combined with some painted packing tape that was part of my most recent Spark lesson.