Recently I wrote about The 100 Day Project and that I had joined in with the intent of posting 100 days of cat drawings on Instagram. I’ve been doing this for three weeks now and wanted to let you know how it is going.

Well… I haven’t missed a day! The daily challenge is working in that it suits my personality to have a mini deadline, and I’m getting cats up and online each day!

On the other hand, the commitment to post has produced some “creative thinking” as to what constitutes a cat “drawing.” I had intended to draw 100 cats in a certain style, so that at the end I would have a series of 100 cat drawings kind of like this:


Instead I’m finding that I want to move on to other media already, such as my new iPad:



Or acrylics:


And, I’m guilty of “cheating” to complete my commitment. For example, one day I asked Liam’s 5-year-old cousin, Olivia, to draw a cat for me:


So what have I learned so far? That I have a hard time sticking to one media apparently. 😉

But the main thing I’ve learned is that I want to take better care when I take photos or scan my cats! Bad photos (taken quickly, when trying to make a deadline) just don’t look very nice (see the first one especially):


So how is your 100 Day Project going? Are you still doing it? Please post your hashtag and instagram name and I will follow you!