“Creativity = Happiness” by Lynn Whipple

lynnbiosmlOver the next few months I want to introduce you to our wonderful teaching artists in a bit more depth! And, since Lynn Whipple is repeating her wonderful class, “The Joy of Collage,” we’ll talk with Lynn today!

(Then when you receive instruction and feedback in a class, you can know who you are learning from! For details about Lynn’s upcoming class, which begins June 9th, click HERE!)

Lynn lives in Winter Park, Florida, and is currently co-teaching “2015: Year of the Spark!” with me and also has just launched a new line of cards: Creativity = Happiness (which you can find here at her etsy site!).

Lynn’s Booth at the NYC Stationary Show, 2015

lovepeanutbutter  blue bird of happiness
Two cards from Lynn’s new card line!

* * *

6 Questions about Artistic Process

1. What was your first artistic medium? (As a child or an adult)

My first medium was crayon!!!! and I still love them! just bought a new set of lovely colored pencils this week! and a set of something called crayon sticks!! YUM!!!!! and cute too!!

2. What are your favorite art tools/supplies?

My all time favorite art tool is a soft lead pencil. simple goodness, pure joy, with and “anything is possible” feeling. and great looking paper, that feels nice to the touch….often this is the first or very last page of an old book that doesn’t have much writing on it…. always a delight.

I also love watercolor sets….and using my hands to paint.


3. What is the greatest challenge of being an artist?

The greatest challenge of being an artist is being able to actually make with your hands all of the ideas that pop up in your mind…. one tiny step leads to the next set of amazing ideas… it’s a never ending trail of excitement….

4. What is your favorite color?

My favorite color these days is orange… juicy, fresh, bright delicious orange.


5. What is the title of your life in one sentence?

“Yes Please”


“The gal who loved to have fun, make stuff, share stuff, appreciate stuff and encourage others to do the same”

heck, I have 3…….:)

6. Is there anything else?

Nature is the greatest inspiration of all time 🙂


Also… some Lynn Whipple FACTS!

– She has been a part of over 150 gallery and museum shows (wow), approximately 7 a year over 23 years.

– Juried shows (indoor and outdoor, where you set up a booth and show your work). She has done well over 300 (wow again).

– She has been published in over 23 books and dozens of magazines and newspapers.


– Small ninnies sold….over 2500. Ninnies and ninny boxes together……probably around 4500+

– One half a million miles traveled by van to shows!! wow!!! One van (named Moe) made it 405,000 miles (miracle in itself):


– Artwork has been shown in over 35 states.

– Percentage of friends who are also artists about 85%.

– Musical instruments owned (“not that I can play them well”): over 100.

– Number of vintage photographs Lynn has collected to use in her work? Well over 10,000.


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