Create a Modular Encaustic Painting from Carla Sonheim Presents on Vimeo.

Class Dates: June 23 – July 4, 2015


Push your encaustics to the next level!

In this class we will build a large, composite painting from individual smaller panels. With each panel, we will add a new technique including draw-through prints, graphite, oil paint, reticulated shellac, carving, paper, and thread.

Throughout the process you will be encouraged to work on each panel as a complete piece in itself, and then look for ways to bring them together to create an interesting, rich, varied whole.

If you are familiar with encaustics, you can jump right in to this class! If you are new to encaustics, consider taking Stephanie’s “Intro to Encaustic Painting” as a self-study first.






Class Itinerary

Week 1:  
   Tuesday: Lesson 1 – Review and Layering Color
   Wednesday: Lesson 2 – Draw-Through Prints
   Friday: Lesson 3 – Graphite

Week 2: 
   Tuesday: Lesson 4 – Creating Line with Oil Paint
   Wednesday: Lesson 5 – Reticulated Shellac
   Friday: Lesson 6 – Assemblage and Presentation

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