Theol 1 (12x12)
Theol 1, 12″x12″

stephaniebioOver the next few months I want to introduce you to our wonderful teaching artists in a bit more depth! And, since Stephanie Hargrave is starting her second class with us tomorrow (“Creating a Modular Encaustic Painting”), we’ll talk with Stephanie today!

(Then when you receive instruction and feedback in a class, you can know who you are learning from! For details about Stephanie’s upcoming class, which begins June 23th, click HERE!)

Stephanie lives in Seattle, WA and works primary in Encaustic. She writes, “I find bee’s wax to be inherently lovely, and work with it always mindful of how its natural beauty and transparency can coexist with my ideas and imagery.”

Aggregate 1 (18x18)
Aggregate 1, 18″x18″

aggregate 2 Detail 1
Aggregate 2 (detail)

* * *

6 Questions about Artistic Process

1. What was your first artistic medium? (As a child or an adult)
My first medium was clay! My mom took me for pottery classes as a kid and my feet could barely reach to get the kick-wheel going – yes, kick wheel . . .

2. What are your favorite art tools / supplies?
My favorite tools are pottery tools – so straight forward and utilitarian. My favorite supplies are beeswax, clay, graphite, charcoal pencils, paper, micron pens, water colors, oils and wood.

Aves (triptych 12x36)
Aves (triptych 12×36)

3. What is the greatest challenge of being an artist?
The obvious answer is making a living – how to sell enough work consistently to pay the mortgage . . . but the deeper challenge is keeping the momentum of it up while also taking care of daily life – keeping that flow of ideas and that beauty alive so the “American dream” vortex doesn’t suck you into succumbing to day jobs or excessive consumerism or the allure of beauty products . . . keeping yourself focused so the modern world doesn’t interfere with your main goal of pursuing your creative process as a lifestyle.

4. What is your favorite color?
Ox-blood red

5. What is the title of your life in one sentence?
Creative Process: A Belief System to Practice Daily, Revel In and Fight For

Immix 17 (8x10) (1)Immix 17, 8″x10″

6. Three unique things about you that are unrelated to art.

1 – I used to be a competitive gymnast and it shaped me in unusual ways both positive and negative

2 – I recently visited Vietnam and my mind was more than blown – I found Saigon to be dazzling – repaired even. The country is full of young people, and seems to be over the war in a way I am not.

3 – I know I’m a human, but I feel like a bird


Thank you, Stephanie!