I wanted to give a mid-week report on the Kids Art Week!

We are so excited that so many people have signed up… over 3,400! Many parents from all over the world doing art with their kids each day… what could be better?

Today (Thursday) Lynn Whipple has everyone making faces in nature, and the above image shows the wonderful collaborative effort by the Thomas family from the U.K.

And below is a “Picasso Dog” by Jakey, 7 years old:


So cute!!

Jakey’s mom writes:

This week has been amazing for Jakey! He is a child who was passionate about maths, science and computer games but would never pick up a pencil and draw because he always said he couldn’t. In fact when I told him I had enrolled him for this art class he cried and begged me not to make him do it. I am a firm believer in giving things a go, so I held firm on my decision for him to make one part of his day about discovering new things….your first class about the Picasso Dogs got him hooked instantly (and led to him and me having a long discussion about Picasso’s paintings and how strange they looked) I was really shocked – I expected him to just do the class – I had never dared hope that he would adore the class and be left eagerly wanting more! This week he awaits each class with an enthusiasm that I never thought I would see. You managed to light a spark there! Thank you so much for inspiring him – and please pass on my sincerest thanks to Lynn and Diane….Kindest wishes Laura xxx


kidsartweekblog3 kidsartweekblog5

The above leaf print critters (Lynn’s Wednesday lesson) are also by Jakey.

This is just a few examples of the wonderful artwork we are seeing over at Facebook this week! If you haven’t signed up, you really should, just to see the Facebook feed!

Sign up here:

Or simply go to the Facebook group and ask to join the Kids Art Week group:

Have a wonderful day, everyone!