As jobs go, I have a pretty good one:

• I work for myself, which means, mostly, I can start my day when I naturally wake up. (During “live” class weeks, this is later and later, as Steve and I are often up well past midnight finishing a night’s lesson.)

• I get to work with talented, caring artists and get first insights into how they think and work.

• I get to play at my studio table and call it “research,” and write off all of my art material purchases.

• I get to work with my husband/best friend, and I get to dress how I want most days (usually just one step up from pjs).

Like all of life, though, these benefits have their flip sides: a lack of routine can become unbalancing; people are people and there can be difficult conversations; I never spend enough time at my studio table; Steve and I sometimes butt heads; and not getting dressed up each day has a psychological effect on me, not always positive.

One of my favorite statements I’ve read about an Indian artist was, “All his weaknesses are his strengths.” (So sorry, I’ve lost the reference.)

But I think it’s just as true that all of our strengths are our weaknesses, too…

I think life is so amazing that way…


Have a great weekend, everyone!