Today I received a copy of Cat Bennett’s newest book, “The Drawing Club of Improbable Dreams: How to Create a Club for Art.” In this book Cat writes beautifully about her philosophy of creativity and drawing, and then offers three, 8-week session plans for those who might like to start an art club of their own.

Cat writes in her preface:

Ten years ago, I was invited to teach drawing at The Arsenal Center for the Arts, just outside Boston. Every week, I set up ways in which we could explore drawing without concern for predictable results. For instance, we’d draw with our eyes closed or paint with tree branches or make group drawings. The results were often improbable; that is they were more fantastic and cheering than we might have predicted. Some of us were rank beginners, some experienced artists. We all worked together and the bigger the chances we took, the more we learned to embrace ourselves just as we are and where we are. No small feat.

You can see that Cat and I share a mission! We both know and want to share how drawing and making art can help us know ourselves more fully:

To me, [drawing] invites us to forget ourselves and open up to seeing what is. It helps us imagine and envision in ways words can’t. Inside all of us who draw and make art is this feeling that drawing takes us somewhere, to a place of truth and perception….

Many of us give up drawing when we’re just kids. If we had more instruction or support, many more of us might never give it up. Some of us find other ways of being, of course; there are many great ways to live. But some of us need art, and we can begin again. Those of us who have kept drawing will have more developed skills but there’s always more to explore. For all of us, if we have desire, we can do something with it. We all have limitations and even with them we can all find our genius—the place we meet and act without hesitation on the inspiration that comes to us

Cat is a wonderful teacher with a deep connection to creativity and how it can help us become truly our unique selves as artists. I am being a bit shameless here, urging you to consider taking her FIRST online class,


Making Art a Practice,”

but I think anyone who signs up and participates will be touched and transformed by Cat’s gentle and wise shepherding!

This is a six-week class with one video lesson per week, with several exercises to keep you creating daily in your sketchbooks until the next lesson. Cat will be right in the trenches with you, too!

I’m going on this journey with you as a full participant. I’ll post additional inspiration each weekday too as well as my drawings. I so look forward to seeing what you do and hearing your thoughts in the discussions we have. It’s going to be fun. And we’re going to bring something wondrous back to our art, and our lives, from our time together.

Class begins Tuesday, October 6th. Won’t you join us?