I have been “diving” into my old journals lately, looking for anything fun or helpful in a sea of nonsense and complaints.

Here are some things I found that you might like (I hope you like it. If you do, please comment!):

* * *

So, it’s Friday. Slow day for the internet. Slow day for email, and usually a slow day for work. Not today. Today it’s going to be a fast day for work, a fast day for email, and a fast day for the internet.

* * *

I’ve found my identity in being creative with art and teaching. It’s something I’m good at, for a variety of reasons. I think I come from a creative family. I think I have the right kind of personality, and people have supported it in me.

Being creative in a law office* is actually a valuable tool, of course. But being creative in a law office without also being super smart was kind of a problem.

Now I can be creative and only kind of smart.

*My first job out of college was in a law office.

* * *

Yesterday a woman on the bus said, “They say I’m retarded.” Then, “Some days I am, and some days I’m not.”

Bless her… like all of us!

* * *

I think I’m a bit crazy today. My mind is flying all over the place, but also stuck in the mud… my feet are stuck to the ground and my mind wants to flutter away but is also being tethered to the ground by the mud. Or the IDEA of mud. (I supposed it’s just the idea of mud that can tie down a brain, since brains are all about ideas and stuff.)


* * *

I was thinking about the answer to “Why creativity?” last night and might have even written down some useful thoughts. I realized that I can’t speak for anyone other than myself of why it’s important, but for me, it’s what makes life palatable. An overstatement, perhaps. BUT… things change, friends move, children grow up, and in the end you just have you and your creative spirit to hash it all out.

* * *

I suppose I really need to get going on whatever it is I need to get going on.

* * *

Creativity requires a faith of sorts… faith that a solution will come to you.

You do your part: Put your time in, take risks, sit patiently (or impatiently)… and you even have a bit of doubt in there somewhere… but in the end creativity moves through you…

1. Make it fun, or at least not painful.
2. Accept where you are.
3. Remember, there is no “there.”
4. Go up those hills.

* * *

I wrote down what my son Wes, when he was in high school, said to me one morning on the drive to school:

“It’s so annoying… this gray-haired, cheerful person who doesn’t know anything….”

* * *

Denying your creativity is like driving with a flat tire: you can get where you’re going, but how much smoother, faster, and more enjoyable the ride would be if all four tires were inflated!

Not a bad soundbite for a know-nothing. 🙂


That’s it for now! I have more where that came from, if you’d like to read it.

Have a wonderful day, everyone!