Hi! The following is a post from January 2012… finger painting! I had forgotten that I had finger painted them… I had gone to a weekend retreat but, instead of painting most of the weekend, I had to work on the deadline for The Art of Silliness book. These four little paintings were done in the last two hours of the weekend.

‘Tis Monday and just back from extended PLAY,

I drew and I fussed on the ‘puter each day.

While others got messy with glitter and paint

I stuck with my Sharpie, my keyboard, restraint.

For two days I did this here Silliness thing

I worked till my shoulder blade started to sting

But it wasn’t too long ‘fore I gave up and found

that gouache mixed with fingers is happiness bound.

I didn’t work long, though, I had to get back

to my constant companion, the MacBook Pro Mac.

(For Fleep lists and puzzles and drawings of cups —

My deadline, you see, was coming right ups!)