I’m starting a new “column.” Once a month I hope to gather news from several of our instructors and share it with you here. They are all amazing and talented and fun and accomplished!


  1. Cat Bennett

Cat is interviewed in the current issue of Uppercase Magazine! Her work looks beautiful in this already extra-inspiring issue (check out the thumbnail spreads HERE)!

Cat is currently teaching a six-week sketchbook course, “Making Art a Practice” (which is going wonderfully, and of course you can still join in!). I’m thankful to Janine of Uppercase for featuring this class on her site HERE, too.

Congratulations, Cat!



2. Alison O’Donoghue

Please check out this adorable “blooper” from Alison’s upcoming class, “Bird on Birds in Acrylic Painting.” One person who saw it wrote that it was “THE BEST THING THEY HAD SEEN ALL WEEK!”

[Waiting while you watch…]

Isn’t Alison wonderful? Thank you, Alison, for giving us permission to post this and for being so cute and real!!

And don’t miss her FIRST online class, Birds on Birds, which begins this upcoming Tuesday, October 20, 2015. Please help spread the word to others, too. Sign up today!



3. Lynn Whipple

Here is Lynn Whipple (pink hat) with one of her good friends Heidi Behr at a recent art show in Florida… Lynn writes:

“Finally fall and a teensy bit cooler here in Florida, which means that it is ‘show season.’  I’ve been having a blast in the studio preparing for some upcoming exhibitions. I’ve been playing with paint and drawing with pastel and making a big glorious mess and some rather large paintings!! My focus was on one of my favorite subject’s… flowers! It is so much fun to layer and layer! I was inspired to play in this way by one of Carla’s recent Spark classes called Thinking Small – Going Big (so much goodness going on in Spark.) Thank you Carla!”

That’s super nice of Lynn to say, but I really can’t take ANY credit for the awesomeness of these paintings. Just LOOK!


Congratulations, Lynn!

And finally…


I was a dork didn’t provide a link to “Faces Mini” in the earlier post, so HERE it is (this is a re-filmed, shortened version of “Faces 101” … if you have previously taken “Faces 101” and would like to take this class at no additional cost, email me! carla[at]carlasonheim.com. This is part of our Lunch Hour Art series of “bite-sized” classes and the first lesson goes live Tuesday, October 27th.


That’s all the news I know for now. Have a wonderful day, everyone!