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I’ve been enjoying diving” into my old journals lately, looking for anything fun or helpful in a sea of nonsense and complaints.

Here’s Take 2!

* * *

I’m pretty sure no one has a harder time getting a clear thought out than I do.

* * *

On Elephants:

Elephants who wear black are not necessarily artists.

* * *

In other news, I still have crap all over my office.

in even more news, I still am unable to deal with it.

* * *

And I got in the habit of writing down 20 “ideas” a day:

1. Pillow Talk. Pillows that talk somehow. Better: Talks that pillow.

2. Sock Puppet Seminar

3. If you don’t know where you’re going, then you probably will get there a little late, that’s all. No biggie.

4. Whales have feelings, too.

5. Messiness for Neat Freaks

6. Candy Rappers

7. If toes can be pigs, well…

8. The Buck Stops Near

9. Plaid for Beginners

10. Chit Chatting for Introverts

11. The How of Drawing

12. Look, See, Draw

13. Bear Breasted

14. Bare Hug

15. Color is a Choice

16. Red Water Soluble Marker Day.

17. Graph Paper for Squares

18. Crowns and chewing gum don’t mix.

19. Clearn: to clear out and to clean simultaneously; “I would love to get my office clearned up.”

20. Tomorrow is another yesterday.


😀 Have a great day!