The artwork above was supposed to go up last Tuesday, when we had planned to get registration open for the 2016 Year-Long class. But we missed the deadline… and then, like a doctor’s office, have been unable to work it in our very full schedule the rest of this week… so sorry for the delay!

Yesterday and today, we have Diane Culhane here filming her next class (set to start later January 2016), and the day before that I needed to finish up my very last “Year of the Spark!” lesson (Lynn Whipple still has one more to go!)

Here is a detail of the Spark! lesson… a “Happiness Collage Painting” where we go back through the year and create a piece using drawings and paintings completed throughout the year as starting points:


Anyway… thank you for your patience! Registration for the 2016 year-long will now open early next week.

And in the meantime, don’t forget that Fred Lisaius has a short “Holiday Gift Paintings” class next week… just $25… and he will walk you through painting three 5″x7″ acrylic paintings. Class begins Tuesday, December 8th. Join us!