For the Love of a Tree
Instructor: Diane Culhane
Drawing, Painting, Mixed-Media • $85 

Class Dates: February 9-19, 2016
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“For the Love of a Tree” is dedicated to celebrating the glory of a tree; the beauty and the magnificence of the blessings they bestow — from oxygen, shelter, shade, nutritious food, and a home to many creatures.

Trees are a source of design and composition for the artist: leaves, seeds, branches, to fruits, nuts, etc. . . .  Trees give us a bountiful visual vocabulary from which to create paintings. It’s a set up for success.

We will begin by exploring — Seeing- Looking – Feeling – and just being in the presence of trees.

From there we will begin addressing forms with line, color and value, with value being the most important component; pushing and pulling color. Exercises are guides to develop skill for the next steps in creating a 18”x18” or 20”x 20” completed painting. We will also have conversations about problem solving and how to face the struggles we all encounter as artists.

As a tree reach and stretches for the sunlight, reach into your open blue sky of creativity . . .

Learn, Grow, Explore
Nurture your Art & Your Life.

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Much Love to you all,
Diane Culhane




Class Itinerary:

Lesson 1
Looking and synthesizing forms through drawing and creating inventive shapes.

Lesson 2
Begin work on our large painting. Cover large cradle board, layering with color and line.

Lesson 3
Use collage to explore a variety of forms, concentrating on size and value contrast, then translating these discoveries into small practice paintings on paper.

Lesson 4
Work with value: practice pushing and pulling space using warm and cool colors and compliments by painting on small cradle boards and then taking these concepts to our larger painting.

Lesson 5
Focus on our larger painting: add layers of paint, building volume, troubleshooting.

Lesson 6
Add details; from blurry into focus; finding the sweet spot, and how we finish.


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For more details and to sign up, CLICK HERE!