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Every few months I ask our teachers what is new in their worlds… here are updates from Lynn Whipple, Cat Bennett, and Krista Peel (all of whom have classes running or about to run right now!).





Lynn’s painting “Wild Fresh Flowers” was chosen as the 2016 Cherry Creek Arts Festival Poster! This is truly an honor, and well-deserved, too… her recent series of flower pot paintings are truly abundantly joyous!

If you are in Denver, Co July 2,3,4 please stop by booth 153 and say hello to Lynn!

Congratulations, Lynn!

Lynn’s classes:
Wordplay Painting – $85, two-week repeat class beginning next Tuesday (5/31/16)!
Big Bold Bloom Wild Paining! – $165, now available as a self-study class
The Joy of Collage – $85, now available as a self-study class
The Joy of Mixed-Media Assemblage – $85, now available as a self-study class
Scissors, Paper, Rock – $25, now available as a self-study class.



Cat writes:
“I’ll be working in the studio all summer! In September, I’m having a show at The Arsenal Center for the Arts here in Watertown, MA with my friend Maggie Stern. This is where I teach and have my studio so it will be a lot of fun. I’ll be showing a new series of 33rpm “vinyl” records (made of wood) from my “Sun Records” series in which I try to convey some positive messages in the song lyrics which I write on the black “vinyl.” I’m also doing a series of 45’s.
Chester Vance
“After that I’ll be having a show in my studio and showing some new small Tantra Homage
paintings. In Indian Tantra painting, the art is meant to bring us closer to the sublime.
Last summer I used the basic structure of the Indian abstract Tantra paintings and
made a small meditative painting each morning. They were entirely unplanned but
really nice to do. I will do the same again this summer and it will be interesting to
see how they change.”
Tantra Group
Yay, Cat!
Cat’s classes:
Sketchbooks: Making Art a Practice – $85, now available as a self-study class
Making Art a Practice: In and Out of the Sketchbook – $125 (just finishing its live session, but available as a self-study now, too!)




AmazingBookKP - Blue Purple page

Krista writes:
–My ombre necklaces currently featured in Jewelry Stringing Magazine – Summer 2016 edition, and also the cover of March 2015 Bead Style Magazine – YAY! Necklaces!
–I’m working on a new children’s book about amazing things on this planet, and this is an original watercolor spread from it. These are things that are Blue and Purple (see photo attached)

–And we’re gearing up to start building our own home from the ground beneath our feet. The technique is called Earth Bag Building and we’re excited to design, plan and conjure up a durable, beautiful, artfully organic home from earth.

Thanks, Krista!

Krista’s classes:

NEW! Art Heist – $85, two-week class begins June 7, 2016
Using Vibrant Color – $35, now available as a self-study class


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