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Every few months I ask our teachers what is new in their worlds… here are updates from Diane Culhane and Karine Swenson!




Diane writes: I’ve been working on 10 wood panels 38″x38″,  all going at the same time. Yes, all 10. With nothing else but focus on exploration work. I’ve always wanted to do this. I am spending time thinking backwards on my painting processes digging around and have found great good discoveries to share with you.  But first,  check out the wall –  can you see the addition ? I am very happy to have put in a ‘hard wall’  which has three 4’x8’x3/4″ birch wood panels and trim added at the bottom. This ‘hard wall’ can now hold up larger pieces of art work,  the studio dry wall wasn’t study strong enough. I feel so much like a real painter now- small changes are big in the way they influence the work.


Teaching Schedule:

*My Children’s Fine Art School “Go Go with Van Gogh”Art Camps are full for summer 2016 – Yeah! I love having the full week to do art projects and be outside. Bike riding of course to work every day makes the summer really fun for me as well. This is my 24th year of summers with kids, an honor to be with them and watch them create. 

* Workshop ‘Paint Your Story’ August 11-14, 2016  at Carlton College in Northfield Minnesota. It is presented by Midwest Art & Lettering Retreat. If you would like to join us there is more information on my website under the teaching tab.  

*Mentoring ‘One to One’ is one of my favorite ways of teaching if anyone is interested let me know- getting right into it and what you need for your creative vision.

Diane’s Online Classes (all available now as self-study classes):
Between Speech & Silence – $45
Table Top: Drawing & Painting – $85
Paint Your Garden – $85
Doings of a Do-o-dle – $85
For the Love of a Tree – $85



Karine writes:
I have recently been one of two artists written about in Palm Springs Life! Here is the article.
And I was the featured artist in February at JTE Gallery in Joshua Tree with the toy paintings, and this article was published about me in the local paper in February. I was also interviewed recently by a writer for the LA Times. He is writing an article about people who are inspired by Joshua Tree National Park. I have no idea when (if) that article will be printed. 😀
“In the Shadows.” Oil on Canvas, 40 x 30 inches
“Some Ears are Bigger than Others.” Oil on Canvas, 36 x 36 inches.
Karine’s classes (all available as self-studies):
Intro to Abstract Painting – $85
Elements: Building Blocks of Painting – $165


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