I spent the last four days in California helping my mother go through things, pack, and get rid of stuff in anticipation of her move to a residential home this fall. She was a great sport about the whole thing and it was a bonding time for us!


I was secretly hoping to find some hidden box of art from my childhood (though I wasn’t very hopeful, as I had never seen any). Unfortunately there was no box, but we did unearth this little painting done at an art camp when I was 11 years old:


All of us in the class painted the same thing as I remember, so I’m afraid it doesn’t tell much about me as a child, except that I was pretty good at following directions!

In four days we filled 48 boxes and 20 trash bags, and there’s more to go!

This has inspired me, upon return, to try to clear out my own stash of stuff in anticipation of a forthcoming move (date TBD, but forthcoming nonetheless!).

In one day I’ve filled one bag.