Paper Love: Two Classes!

Hand-Painted Paper
1-Week Class
3 Lessons; $35
Class Dates: November 1-4, 2016

Cut Paper Collage
2-Week Class
6 Lessons; $85
Class Dates: November 8-18, 2016


Class #1: Hand-Painted Paper

Create a rainbow of your very own hand-painted papers! Join collage artist Dar Hosta James for a playful exploration of color, pattern and texture using a variety of techniques to produce beautiful, decorative papers that can be used in cut-paper collage as well as other projects that call for special, decorative paper. We will experiment with layers of paint using found objects, spattering, dripping and more as we work in color families. You will paint on Yasutomo Kozo paper and finish with a collection of at least 20 sheets of gorgeous—and very personal— pieces of hand-painted paper, as well as a toolbox full of paper-painting techniques to mix and match.



Class #2: Cut Paper Collage

Shapes, shapes, shapes! The whole world is made up of simple but beautiful shapes! In this six-lesson course, participants will use their personal stash of collage papers (or, for those of those who took “Hand-Painted Paper,” their newly finished collection) to create a variety of playful collage compositions including buildings and architecture, floral, botanical, insect and animal. Learn Dar’s favorite and unexpected adhesive technique, which allows you to bring detail and delicacy into your cut paper work, as well as her final, detail technique which will literally “light up” your collage!

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Some samples!
The first class begins November 1st… I hope you can Join us!