Between Speech & Silence*
A 2-week class with Diane Culhane
4 lessons • $65
Class Dates: November 14-23, 2016

*NOTE: This class contains the same content as the original “Between Speech & Silence,” but has been re-filmed and updated.


Paul Klee described his art work as “taking a line for a walk.” Discover how to walk and run with line, shape, and color. The space “Between Speech and Silence” is the place of your inner knowing that expresses your creative voice. We will strive to access that special place and trust the creative impulses we find there.

Projects include step-by-step methods that will build skills, starting with line and collage and moving into acrylic paints. We will create three drawings, one large collage and two paintings using paper and wood boards. These four lessons are simple and complex at the same time, and the concepts can be used again and again in your creative path.

This class will feed you, fill you up, and leave you longing for more.


Class Outline

Lesson 1: “Taking a Line for a Walk”
Create three line drawings on craft/colored paper, adding color with colored pencils and finishing touches.

Lesson 2: Line & Collage
Create a collage with the first layer placed together like a puzzle on cardboard and a thick black line and covering spaces with gesso.

Lesson 3: Acrylic Paint & Collage — Start Two Paintings
Begin two paintings with a foundational color field on two boards approx. 9″x 12″ laying out the composition with mixing cool colors and warm colors. Using the image of a tree, we will mix colors for the trunk and add collage papers for the leaves.

Lesson 4:  Finish Your Paintings
Finish two paintings started in Lesson 3. Add and mix layers of color, looking at value. Explore line with a script brush, adding details and figures to complete the visual story.






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