Live by intuition and inspiration 
and let your whole life be Revelation.”
— Eileen Caddy

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Straight to your Inbox:
A Unique Video Every Day… Short & Sweet!

prompts to draw and paint

techniques to make your own

inspirations to energize

ideas to share

words to ponder

tunes to hum

snacks to eat

corn to husk

waves to surf

presents to open

hooks to bait

and, of course, exercises to get you going!






Like all our classes, our Online Community (via closed Facebook groups) will bring us together from around the world to where participants from all over the world share their work, their thoughts, and encourage each other.

We will be reaching out far and wide for Guest Artists to feature and provide prompts in music, writing, photographing, sewing, sculpture, storytelling… as well as drawing and painting!

This is a Choose Your Own Adventure class… you can try to do the prompts daily, you can pick and choose the ones that speak to you, or you can simply work the class on more of a “thinking level” in those times of the year when you get really busy!

And here are some answers to some Frequently Asked Questions!


You will need things to draw and write with, things to paint with, and things to take pictures with.

Plus, Your Art Brain.

And, your regular art supplies that you use every day.

You will also need a sketchbook or journal. (I have created one especially for the class which you can optionally purchase HERE!)


Please head on over to the website for more details! Cost is $198 for the whole year.