Today’s assignment for the 365 class is to draw five lions with our eyes closed. I woke up early and couldn’t wait to draw more lions!

I drew about 15-20 lions on six sheets of larger paper using pencil and charcoal… then I took one of them further with watercolor (or it might be tempera paint, I’m not sure, it was purchased in China!), white gesso, and stenciling. Here is a step-by-step:

365lion1Step 1: Eyes closed!

365lion2Step 2: Try to be painterly.

365lion3Step 3: Keep thinking “painterly,” begin to rub some paint back.

365lion4Step 4: Forget “painterly,” rub most of the paint off.


Step 5: Add stencils to cover a spot where you rub too hard; keep going because you started and need to commit.


Have a wonderful day!