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Intro to Acrylics: Painting Middle Grounds
with Fred Lisaius
2-Week Class; 4 Video Lessons
Class Dates: April 4 – 13, 2017


Welcome to the second class in a three-part series! In these classes we will learn how to create the Background, Middle Ground and Foreground. We will also learn many techniques for creating depth and making all three grounds work together.

In this second class we will use our paintings from Part 1 and create two middle grounds: trees and mountains. This class is about the challenge of creating elements in a painting that support, but won’t overpower, foreground elements to come.

Acrylics paints are beautiful. The medium is creamy, colorful, and very versatile. This class is designed to introduce beginners to this beautiful medium and to excite more advanced students with new information and techniques. I look forward to painting with you! — Fred


Series Schedule:

Backgrounds (instant availability)
Middle Grounds (April 4-15, 2017)
Foregrounds (June 6-16, 2017)

Cost is $95 for all three classes in the series or $40 for each individual class.

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Part 1 – Middle Grounds Class Itinerary

Week 1 – Blue Sky, Mountains

Lesson 1 – Picking colors that indicate distance and depth, and roughing in shapes of a distant mountain range.

Lesson 2 – Adding a second layer of paint to the first layer for complete coverage. Adding detail to create a realistic look.


Week 2 – Sunrise Sunset, Trees

Lesson 3 – Painting tree forms, trunks and branches; working with subtleties color to create the right balance for a middle ground element in a backlit scene.

Lesson 4 – Revisit tree forms. Make adjustments in color transparency, adding additional branches and fine details with a small brush.


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