Stained-Glass Trees
Instructor: Dar Hosta James
8-Lesson, 3-Week Class
Class Dates: April 18 – May 4, 2017


About the Class

The simple and universal beauty of a tree meets the decorative grandeur of stained glass in this three week acrylic painting course with Dar Hosta James. Come along for a creative journey that gives you the recipe and the ingredients for your own fantastic, magical forest. You will begin with simple shapes and lines and continue with doodling, negative space, dots and more dots, and embellishment that truly proves more IS more!

We will put lots of emphasis on color harmony and pretty details. By the end of this course, you will have four gorgeous canvas paintings in various sizes and dimensions.

This is a course for ALL skill and artistic levels and you will surprise yourself with how you’ll take this recipe and turn it into your own expression of trees, so come along for this new and fun artistic adventure!





Aren’t these wonderful?!

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