A 30-day blog project: Something Found, Something Written, and Something Made.


Day #2

Something FOUND.



Recently many of you sent cat cards to my mom for her 80th birthday… thank you to EVERYONE who sent one! I got to see about 35 of them, and I found this on the envelope of one of them… totally made me laugh. Thank you, Suzanne!


Something WRITTEN.


This was originally written on index cards, which is the only solution that we could agree on. “Me” and the “Other One Me” were fighting about it this morning. One of them (I don’t know which) wanted Me(3) to pick THE right journal, THE right paper, and THE right format for THE writing project. We went round and round.

And round.

“Me” had a good point. “Other One Me” did, too.

In the end, “we” (all three) saw the stack of index cards sitting on the art table just as we were heading out the door for coffee (and a muffin), ready to abandon the whole idea.

It takes a village.

It really does.


Something MADE.


Have a wonderful day!